On The Virg

This studio project is entirely instrumental and features Simon Hosford as guitarist, Phil Turcio as keyboards, Evripides Evripidou (bass) and Virgil Donati (drums & keys). T.J. Helmerich, Brett Garsed (2 tracks), Ricc Fierbracci (4 track) are special guests.
It would be difficult to label the music of On the Virg. Although there is a distinct metal vibe, the complex arrangements and harmonic level elevate it above other prog/metal music. This is not a technical showcase, but a musical show that shows maturity and sensitive interaction.

Donati’s drumming skills are truly impressive and worth the effort. Donati’s rhythmic skills are comparable to Dave Weckl’s, and his footwork is enough to give thrash metal drummers the run for their money. Jazz-Metal is a good term. It is hard to believe that the technical competence of Serious Young Insects could be higher after hearing them.

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