Onoffon’s music is difficult to categorize but easy to enjoy (which is not meant to be said that it is easy listening). Their style of rock mixes elements of jazz and progressive rock. The band’s music is influenced by the cool jazz of West Coast musicians of the ’50s. They also draw inspiration from Emerson, Lake & Palmer, which they readily acknowledge. Von Babasin (bass/vocals, keyboards; son and guitarist/cellist Harry Babasin of the ’40s & ’50s West Coast jazz), and Dave Goode, drums, percussion, had been playing together for more than a decade before they met Don Lake (guitars and vocals, harmonica) to form Onoffon in 1996. The band is essentially a musician-owned production business whose primary means for distribution is via their website (www.onoffon.com). The band controls everything related to their music from composition to playing to pressing the CD. Surrender Now was their first album and received high praises from many for its strong musicianship. Their second album was released in 1999.

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