Opus 5

Opus 5 is a collaborative project that brings together five people. It works in the shadow of great vintage quintets like Miles Davis and Blakey. The front line features tenor saxophonist Seamus Blake, rising star trumpeter Alex Sipiagin, and drummer Donald Edwards. Another bold Russian immigrant, Boris Kozlov, is also present. from http://www.crisscrossjazz.com Collectively delivered jazz albums almost always fall into one of three categories: some are outings from neophytes looking to pool their resources, while trying to build a fan base from the ground floor up; others marry the musical skills of seasoned musicians who’ve crossed paths in various situations and/or share a commonality in approach; and the most commercially successful, yet artistically regretfully, are usually hastily conceived or rendered performances that simply attach several big names to a project in order to cash in and make a quick buck. The second category is Introducing Opus 5. This album features a group of heavyweights from the modern world who all speak the same language. This multicultural quintet was baptized by fire in Charles Mingus’ world. They all have worked in various Sue Mingus-driven groups, which honor her husband’s memory and music. Allabout Jazz

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