Orange Trane / Orange Trane Acoustic Trio

Orange Trane’s music is a wonderful blend of Jazz, Classical, and World Music. It is performed with exceptional virtuosity, impeccable taste, and incredible musicianship. Bukowski plays the vibraphone, marimba, and xylosynth. Lemanczyk plays an acoustic bass and Losowski a variety of percussive instruments. Together they create a magical atmosphere of intimate acoustic musical music that is rich in mystery and filled with smells from faraway places and ancient times. Each track is like a soundtrack to an imaginary journey, each one revealing a different panorama. This intimate acoustic setting highlights each sound and showcases the incredible virtuosity these performances display. Lemanczyk is personally the most outstanding performer. He has amazing solos and a great control of his instruments. However, his co-workers also contribute equally well. Bukowski sets the main melodic theme using a variety of sounds both completely acoustic or electronically generated. Losowski drives the entire affair rhythmically but with enough ease to be in tune with the rest. It is beautiful, elegant, and intelligent music that is both a pleasure to listen to and stimulates the intellectual part of the brain. This rare commodity is hard to find these days. It is not original, but it is certainly unique and graceful, and should be heard by as many music lovers as possible. from

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