Organic Noises

Organic Noises is a Polish-Armenian jazz-fusion-ethnic group. Their music combines Armenian and Eastern European traditions with jazz, fusion, and progressive genres. Organic Noises’ unique sound is a blend of traditional and ethnic armenian instruments (duduks, zurnas, pkus, ney), and acoustic instruments such as violins, oboes, flutes, pianos, and guitars. They also use modern rhytmics and harmonic ensambles (electric violins, synthetizers and bass, drums and electric guitars). The group is formed by young musicians and composers from Poland and Armenia: Zofia Trystu?a-Hovhannisyan- oboe, zurna, duduk, vocal Joanna Chudyba- violin Karolina Wiercioch- keys, vocal Robert Wiercioch- guitar Jan Ko?li?ski- bass Janek Rusin- drums Band permamently cooperate with Armenian duduk and clarinet virtuoso – Harutyun Chkolyan (duduk, zurna, ney, clarinet).

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