Orioxy’s music sounds fragile, fleeting and dreamlike. Yael Miller, the lead singer, and Julie Campiche, the harpist set the stage for Orioxy’s musical explorations that are constantly evolving. These two young women form the heart of the group. Roland Merlinc, the drummer, and Manu Hagmann, the base player keep them grounded. It’s like pulling on the silken strings of a wild kite. Orioxy’s combustion engine is fuelled by unconventional subtlety. You will find explosions of tenderness, innocence, and delicate pastels that transform instantly into etchings. An explosion of language or should I say languages? It ranges from Hebrew to English and French to French. Yael Miller’s Hebrew native tongue is not folkloric or traditional. It brings something special, intimate, and deeply touching to their music. Each album is a fusion of many forms. Orioxy doesn’t care about labels. Orioxy’s third album Lost Children marks a pivotal moment in their delicately complex universe. Their subtle/sombre world is enhanced by elegant jazz, blues and folk music. This album, which includes spoken word, lullaby and poetry, is like a child, frightened and dreamy, full of dreams, and full of hope. Text by Franpi Barriaux, http://orioxy.net

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