Otis Trio

Three musicians from St. Andre in Brazil, a grey, industrial town in the state, met up to jam to jazz standards. As rehearsals became more frequent, their improvisation skills began to take over. They started to bring to light songs with influences such as Be-bop and Free jazz, in addition to rock, hip-hop, and eve electronic music. Joao Ciriaco is the bass player of Otis Trio. An aficionado of soul, jazz, and black music. Flavio Lazzarin, the rhythm master, is known for pounding the skins with creativity and feeling. He uses chains, smashed drums on the floor, double traps, among other unusual settings. Luiz Galvao is the guitarist, and the master of creating undefined-suggestive harmonys. He adds colour to the arrangements. The group also includes Andre Calixto who plays the soprano and tenor sax, as well as exotic flutes. Beto Montag brings his pedal-powered Vibraphone and creates hauntingly beautiful sounds with it. This group has discovered a new way to express musical ideas. Far Out Recordings is proud to present the soul-stirring, provocative sounds of Otis Trio’s Debut album. This remarkable first album is the culmination of five years of musical experimentation, musical alchemy and creativeness. The trio from Brazil brings new life to the jazz scene through their free-flowing bop and brilliant improvisations. They have been attracting a lot of music lovers and fans in Brazil. from www.faroutrecordings.com

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