Oytun Ersan

Oytun Ersan, born June 22, 1978 in Istanbul, is an upright and electric bass player from Turkey. He is also a composer and recording artist. He has worked with many artists, including Gary Husband (USA), Eric Marienthal (USA), Gerry Etkins (USA), Mike Miller, Mike Miller, Dean Brown, Okan Esan, Karen Briggs. Prof. Rex Richardson, Wycliffe Garsed, Wycliffe Gartel, Thomas Wolff. Savvas Savva is Tony Jones, Ola onabule. Lloyd Chisholm. Paul Roos, and Andrey Apatov. Fodera Guitars (USA), MarkBass(IT) and Gruv gear (USA) are his official endorsers. He released East Meets West, his first Jazz Fusion album in May 2015. This was featured in Bass Musician Magazine as well as All About Jazz. His second Jazz Fusion album, ”Fusiolicious,” was released 4 April 2018. It features some of the most prominent Jazz musicians around the globe, including Gary Husband and Eric Marienthal as well as Gary Husband, Gary Husband, Gerry Etkins and Mike Miller. Ric Fierabracci also provides production support. Mixing and mastering the album are his responsibilities. Oytun Ersan performed at many international festivals and venues. Oytun Ersan was 15 when he joined the International Nicosia Municipality Orchestra. He continues to perform there today. In 2002, he graduated from Eastern Mediterranean University Music Department. After that, he received his MA in Special Education at the Near East University of North Cyprus. Ersan completed the Instrumental Conducting Course Masterclass, which was conducted by Prof. Peter Stark at the Royal College of Music in August 2014. Joe Hubbard has provided one-on-one coaching to Ersan, who was also a tutor for world-famous bassists like Pino Palladino (Jamiroquai), Paul Turner (Jamiroquai), Mike Mondsir(Billy Cobham), and Dave Swift (Jools Holland). Wikipedia

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