Pandelis Karayorgis

In 1962, he was born in Athens (Greek). Before moving to the U.S., he performed in small jazz bands while pursuing an Economics degree. While studying with Paul Bley (music), Jimmy Giuffre (composition), Dave Holland, George Russell, Dave Holland, Joe Maneri and Dave Holland, I earned BM and MM music degrees from Boston’s New England Conservatory. Lennie Tristano’s music was studied and performed extensively. In 1991, a compilation of all Monk’s compositions was assembled. Over the past twenty years, he has mainly led or co-led various groups whose recordings have been frequently voted into top-10 lists by reviewers in magazines like Coda, Cadence and Jazz Times. Recorded and performed with Mat Maneri and Joe Maneri as well as Ken Vandermark and Tony Malaby, Michael Formanek and John Lockwood. Numerous performances at festivals in Europe and the United States. There are many recordings on labels like Leo Records, Hat Art and Clean Feed, Nuscope and Boxholder. Mat Maneri was a close collaborator in the production of several recordings on Leo Records, mostly in duo format. However, there were also recordings featuring Randy Peterson, Joe Maneri and Michael Formanek. He also led a group that featured a lot of the Tristano repertoire, originals, and was responsible for two CDs and a trip across Europe in 1997. In 1998, the first trio CD “Heart And Sack”, was released to widespread critical acclaim. It was also featured on National Public Radio’s Fresh Air program. The last few years have seen him tour and record in duo with Ken Vandermark (there’s also a 2001 trio CD featuring Vandermark, McBride and Charlie Kohlase), and also with Guillermo Gregorio (with whom he has two HatArt collaborations). Also performed with Jeff Parker, Jeb bishop, Tim Daisy and Mike Reed. Hatology has just released System of 5, a new quintet album featuring all original compositions. A quartet album featuring Dave Rempis and Forbes Graham, as well as Luther Gray, will be released on two records in spring 2011. from

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