Paolo Di Sabatino

Paolo Di Sabatino was born in Teramo (Italy) on September 26, 1970. He began playing the piano under his father’s tutelage at an early age. He graduated from the Music Conservatory of Bari in 1990 with all his marks and full distinction. In 1994, he received his diploma in Jazz Music at the same school. He has been performing jazz solo and in chamber music since he decided to dedicate his life to it. He has performed regularly on major radio stations and television. He has performed on important radio and television stations (Radio Rai 1,2,3, Radio Capital Rai News 24, Rai, La 7) as well as in prestigious clubs and festivals in Italy: Fano and Pomigliano, Pomigliano and Urbino. M. Urbani and G. Capiozzo were his musical partners. De Paula, M. Rosa, R. Rossi, G. Cazzola, L. Bulgarelli, M. Di Leonardo, D. Deidda, C. Meyer, R. Gatto, B. Mintzer, P. Leveratto, A. Marcelli, P. Damiani, M. Raja, M. Garay, B. Cobham, D. Samuels, J. Berlin, P. Costa, L. Colombo, P. Drummy, J. Levy, among others.He has been taking part, as a pianist-composer-arranger, in some important projects for author Davide Cavuti, working with actors such as Michele Placido, Arnoldo Foa, Maria Rosaria Omaggio, Milo Vallone, Caterina Vertova, Valentina Carnellutti, Alessandro Haber, Mariangela D’Abbraccio, Nino Castelnuovo, Daniela Fazzolari, Edoardo Siravo, Paola Gassman, Ugo Pagliai, Alessio Boni, Isabel Russinova. He taught sight reading at Bari’s Music Conservatory of Bari during the academic year 1994/95. He published “15 Pieces For Young Pianists”, a set of educational materials for piano, in 1996 (by Trasimeni Rome). He also published “15 Pieces for Young Pianists” (by Trasimeni, Rome) in 1996. Di Sabatino was a performer at Chicago’s jazz club Jazz Showcase in March 1999. He signed an exclusive contract that year with Hallway Records of Chicago. They published the album Introducing Paolo Di Sabatino. This album featured him playing with Bosso and Ciancaglini as a quartet, and Threeo with J. Patitucci, Horacio “El Negro”, Hernandez. Il Manifesto released Paolo Di Sabatino in December 2002. The album contains original arrangements of Di Sabatino’s compositions and the saxophonists Javier Girotto and Stefano Di Battista. He was also on tour in July 2003 with vibraphone player Dave Samuels. They performed at many important Italian festivals. He is also the author of “Practical Exercise Book on Jazz Music”, a book that he co-authored with Renzo Ruggieri. It was published by Sinfonica Jazz (Carisch). Foto rubate, his piece, was published in the Real Book of the Italian Jazz Players by Nuova Carisch 2006. Ruggieri and Roberto Colombo have been Di Sabatino’s pianist and arranger for a project called Canzone Tra Le Guerre, which includes cover versions of Italian songs from 20 to 40 years ago. Ruggiero’s “live”, called Souvenir D’Italie, contains the complete repertoire. It was released in February 2007. He was a composer and pianist in a show called Serata d’onore with Cavuti, Giorgio Albertazzi and Michele Placido. He also performed in the concert “A Man in Tailcoat – Concert tribute to Domenico Modugno” broadcast by RAIUNO in July 2007. A. Ruggiero, F. Concato, S. Cristicchi, Neffa, Morgan, Raiz, Dolcenera, G. Cinquetti. He has been a pianist for Mario Biondi since January 2008. He was performing in Japan with his trio in December 2009. Numerous newspapers and musical reviews have written about him (Il Corriere Della Sera, Il Sole 24 ore, Liberazione, Musica Jazz, Famiglia Cristiana, Jazzist, Audio Review, Musica

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