Paolo Pavan

Paolo Pavan was conceived in Rome in 1970. Since he was a young boy, he has been learning music and soon became enthralled by jazz music thanks to the influence of musicians such as Riccardo Biseo and Stefano Sabatini. Michelangelo Lupone taught him composition and electronic music. He obtained a degree in piano, and continued his classical studies at Kostantin Bogino. Sapienza University grants him an ethnomusicology degree in 2000. Participates in the Tuscia Jazz festival workshop with Kenny Barron in 2008. He has been playing in various pop, jazz, and rock bands in Rome since the late 80s. He also collaborates in studio recording projects. He was a part of many musical festivals, including “The Eddie Lang Jazz festival”, Fabricando festival and “Se telefonando Festival”. He was a finalist in 2000 for the “TIM international festival of music”. In 2002 he performs the concert for piano:”Jazz improvisation on classical theme” at Accademia Angelica Costantiniana for the”IV Festival Internazionale di Pianoforte e Musica da Camera”. He meets Davide Marinacci, a tenor saxophone who starts playing J.Coltrane and T.Monk music in many jazz clubs around the capital. They will continue to influence each other over the years because of the strong bond they share. He begins recording original jazz compositions in 2004. These CDs will include “Inside”, “Looking for a way out” (and “The Swing of Things”), and three CDs. Since 2003, he has provided consultancy services for RAI Italian TV. Paolo Pavan Quartet was formed in 2000 by me and my friend David Marinacci. It is a group that studies and performs historical jazz music. We started our first quartet together with Marco Roccuzzo and Fabrizio Boccardelli. We had such an exciting time that we decided to write original music. We produced our first self-produced CD “Inside”. Although it didn’t attract the attention of Italian Jazz labels, we knew it was not that bad so we took advantage of the Jamendo creative commons label. The record has been downloaded in many countries around the globe and we’ve discovered that people appreciate our music. We wrote heartstring reviews such as this: “This is acoustic jazz – but it’s a modern version of “old school” jazz, reminding me sometimes of early Miles Davis compositions. The slower tracks are more sensitive and show Davide’s ability to listen to musical material. The faster tracks are more powerful and full of ideas. In 2009, we released “Looking For A Way Out”. Now, with the help of all my travel buddies, I have “The Swing Of Things”, which is still great jazz, but with pop, funk, and folk digressions. Keep in touch! Visit

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