Park Sung Yeon

This singer is known as the “godmother” of South Korean jazz music. In 1978, Janus was established in Sinchon, a college district in western Seoul. It is the first country-only jazz club. JNH Music represented the artist and said that Korea, once a land without jazz music, is now a dense forest. The club has been a hub for local jazz music since its inception. Park, a jazz singer and pianist, lost her health in 2015 and she handed the club to Malo. Malo changed the club’s name from Diva Janus to Diva Janus and continues to manage the club out of the new location in Seocho (south Seoul). Park, like many other musicians of her era, started performing for the US military in Korea. Park discovered jazz music at part-time piano gigs, and she was immediately drawn to it. Park performed despite her illness. Park appeared last year on stage in a wheelchair at the Seoul Forest Jazz Festival. Park Hyo-shin also collaborated on a new version her song “The Wind is Blowing.” Park previously returned to Janus in 2018 to mark the club’s 40th Anniversary. Park Sung-yeon, a jazz vocalist, died in 2020 at age 77.

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