Pat Close

Pat Close is a freelance professional drummer, both live and in studio. He began drumming at five years old and continues to do so five decades later. He began to teach after a decade of learning all aspects of technique and all styles. He also became a studio session drummer during that time. He was able to collaborate with arrangers and writers, learning the art of playing “For music” and reading charts, while still having a tremendous sense of rhythm. He has appeared on numerous television commercials and recorded many songs. He has worked with Singer Glenn Leonard of the “Temptations,” Singer/dancer/choreographer Darcel from the famous television show “Solid Gold,” pianist Manfredo Fest, and Jazz legend trumpeter Marcus Hampton. Pat Close has performed on club dates, tours, live concert, and Jazz Festivals alongside the likes Paul Brown (L.A. producer/guitarist), Kenny Drew, Kenny Drew. Brian Culbertson, Kenny Drew. Peter White, Allon Sams. Euge Groove. Ken Navarro. Richard Elliot. Rick Braun. Eric Darius. Greg Adams. While he is busy in the studio. You can hear his work on “Smooth Jazz” radio stations across the country and on compilation discs with Allon Sams, guitarist Peter White, and Richard Jackson. Pat had the honour of opening the 25th anniversary of the world-famous Clearwater Jazz Holiday. He is also performing with his own band, “The Groove,” at this year’s event. In 2005, Pat was on a tour of Europe, which included Portugal, Spain, Greece, Portugal, Greece and Egypt, performing shows for the U.S. military. You can hear his promo CD and see him live on DVD. It is obvious that he has a great sense of rhythm and a feel for all styles of music. He is a powerful, yet subtle, and musically rich, while still being dynamic. He is an acoustic musician, but he also has experience with electronic drumming and trigger acoustic drums. He is proficient in programming drum machines and drum module programming. Pat sings beautifully and adds harmony to the music. Pat is able travel internationally to teach drum lessons via Skype. He also serves as a teacher at The Players School of Music and Musicology, Clearwater Fl. Pat is now producing and recording his own C.D. The CD, entitled “Rhythms Of My Soul”, will be released in January 2017. Pat Close is available to do studio sessions in person or via the internet. Visit

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