Paul Hubweber

born 1954 Paul Hubweber started with playing the drums at the age of 12. After a period of playing guitar and bass he began to blow the trombone in the age of 17. Around 1974 -75 he toured through Europe jamming with several musicians all over Italy, France, the Netherlands… Coming back he settled down in Moers and began working within the organization of the Moers Festival 1973 – 77 and the Globe Unity Orchestra Workshop in 76. Also he mastered the Braxton Solo and the Christmann-Schoenenberg records on Ring music. Hubweber’s 1st solo record and lots of collages where produced at his own label msc between 76 – 82, and the cooperation with musicians like Claus van Bebber, Martin Theurer, Ulrich Phillipp and others began. This fits into different group activities like ARTE Festivals Kleve, Witten Easter Festivals, “der Gute ton”, Moers and Wuppertal. In Wiesbaden Hubweber had lots of sessions, concerts and several contributions to the HumaNoise Congress, and since 1984 gigs with John Butcher, Alfred Zimmerlin, Dorothea Schürch. He met lots of interesting international musicians there. In the late 80’s Hubweber founded another musicians’ cooperation in Cologne (AIM)together with his college Georg Wissel, with whom he had some different ensembles like BULL’S EYE ENSEMBLE, KOLLEGU PISCHU (i.e. Live Music to the silent film “The Adventures of Mr.West in the Land of Bolschewijki”, Lew Kuleschow, UdSSR 1924, with Wissel and Hans Kanty(† 2005). The 90’s started with a new version of the van Bebber-Hubweber Duo under the name of Vinyl & Blech. The trombone is electrified by numerous effects like tube screamer, echolette, harmonizer etc. The sounds of van Bebbers vinyl and the trombone often fuse and getting an industrial touch (technos love it!). He met dancer Britta Lieberknecht and they started their continuing cooperation in four different projects. These choreographies do not have the main focus on improvisation but on the relationship between sound, movement and light. Second main contact with Peter Kowald (the first was in the early Moers days) was the introduction of PAPAJO, “one of the most important ensembles on the contemporary market” (Alois Fischer). Peter and Paul had a few sessions at the 99’s HumaNoise Congress and after this the SURPRISE UNIT with Fine Kwiatkowski and Michael Vorfeld. In 2000 they toured in trio with drummer/shouter Klaus Wallmeier. But Hubweber wanted to have two of his favourite musicians, Kowald and Lovens, together in one group and so they played some gigs as a trio. After this he organized a tour of ten gigs but Kowald started to fall sick these days. As Paul Lovens favoured John Edwards he replaced Peter. This was a most elegant solution, because: “Balance in perfection … nearly brilliant … ensemble playing on a nearly perfect level … a unity of mutual timing and presence resulting in music of high intensity…” as the Neue Westfälische/Bielefeld wrote . PAPAJO (PAul + PAul + JOhn) had the first CD at Martin Davidson’s Emanem and will edit the 2nd CD September 2007 by the NY label Cadence. The “very very good record” (Martin Davidson) TROMBONEOS (Hubweber’s third solo record) opens another side of the trombone music, “where few have traversed…” (Steven Loewy, ALL MUSIC GUIDE) One of the important bullets in electro-acoustic music is the one with Uli Böttcher called SCHNACK. Enthusiastically modulated presets and Live-Sampling/Sound Processing seduce the trombone. (“sharp – i really like it !” Michel Waisvisz). They did more then 50 gigs in two years and nowadays they often cooperate with Michel Waisvisz. Other trios were played with Phil Minton, Michel Vorfeld and Georg Wolf. The current “Nobody’s Matter But Our Own”, duo record with Philip Zoubek/Piano is “one of the best in duo improvisation” (Jean-Michel van Schouwburg). from

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