Paul Taylor (piano)

Paul Taylor is a pianist and keyboard player who specializes in improvisation. The music is captivating, unique and evocative. It combines unusual harmonies with sonorities with a fluid technique. He has been a consistent and interesting solo pianist in recent years. He eschews the cliches of jazz improvisation in favor of a unorthodox, harmonically complex, and often compellingly beautiful musical vocabulary that is often inspired from the classical tradition. His playing demonstrates the spirit of jazz’s fundamental ingredient, the ingeniousness and freedom that is his trademark. Paul Taylor is an ambassador for northern line R6 and Jazz North, with public funding from Arts Council England. “A rare phenomenon”: International Piano Magazine, Nov/Dec 2016 edition “A solo improviser of outstanding scope and originality”, “…his solo excursions on piano proceed with an unpredictable but constantly gripping logic that often feels as close to the richly lyrical and harmonic approach of Romantic period classical composers as it does to jazz”: Paul Bream’s Jazz Alert “Now firmly established as the most original improvising pianist in the North East”: Jazz North East “Gorgeous”: The Guardian from

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