Paul Taylor (saxophone)

Paul Taylor was born in Denver and began playing the saxophone when he was seven years old. He was a member of school bands and, in high school, he joined Mixed Company, a Top 40 group. Keiko Matsui, a jazz keyboardist, and Kazu Matsui her husband, hired him to play with their band. After two years, he was with them for two more. Kazu Matsui produced their 1995 debut album, On the Horn. It reached the jazz charts, and became a radio hit with “Til We Meet Again.” Pleasure Seeker was his second album and was also a success. Taylor’s third album, Undercover was released by Peak/N-Coded Music on February 2000. In 2000, Taylor toured with the Rippingtons as a special guest. The albums Hypnotic (2001), Nightlife (2003), Steppin’ Out (2003) and Ladies’ choice (2007) were all released by Peak Records. Ladies’ Choice reached number one on the contemporary jazz charts. Peak Records released Taylor’s eighth album Burnin’ in 2009. Taylor’s eighth album, Burnin’, was released by Peak in 2009. Taylor followed this up two years later with Prime Time. Allmusic

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