Paul Williamson (trumpet)

Paul Williamson is a well-known Australian musician and composer who has earned a reputation for his unique voice in composition and trumpet. He has seven CDs as a leader, including Non-Consensual Head Comppression (2001), Newmarket), Talk It up (2002, Newmarket), Mutations(2003, Newmarket), On the Surface and In the Core (2005, Newmarket), Far Away Here (2006), Jazzhead), By a Thread (2009), Downstream, and In Cahoots (2011), Jazzhead. Paul has been a frequent performer at international and Australian jazz festivals and workshops. He has also performed in the USA and abroad, including Newmarket, Australia, Noumea and China. Paul studied extensively with Ingrid Jensen and Laurie Frink in New York. He also took courses at CIM (Centre for Improvisational Music), and Banff in Canada. Paul lived in Dublin, Ireland from 2006 to 2008. He was an active participant on the European jazz scene. This included performances with Reggie Washington and Paul Wertico. Paul returned to Australia in 2009 and continued his performance schedule. He performed at the Wangaratta International Jazz Festival as well as the Melbourne International Jazz Festival and Stonington Jazz Festival with Charlie Haden and Josh Roseman. He celebrated the release of In Cahoots in 2011 with a tour across Australia that included performances at the Wangaratta, Melbourne and Sydney jazz festivals. Paul is a Monash University lecturer. He has also been a faculty member at the Newpark Music Centre’s Jazz department (an affiliate school of the Berklee College of Music) and a trumpet instructor at Victorian College of the Arts. Paul is also a regular faculty member for the Sligo international jazz project in Ireland. from

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