Paulinho Da Costa

Paulinho Da Costa was born in Rio de Janeiro Brazil. He discovered his passion for percussion when he was just five years old. He joined many musical groups and traveled extensively around the globe while still in his teens. The multi-talented percussionist quickly established a niche in America’s music scene upon his arrival. His professional outlook and friendly appeal has helped him to more than two thousand records and many top-selling records. These include works by Quincy Jones, Miles Davis and jazz legends Dizzy Gillespie, as well as pop stars like Madonna, Sting and Michael Jackson. He is known for his ability to play a variety of musical styles, which is perhaps more impressive than the caliber and number of artists with whom he collaborates. Paulinho is a dynamic percussionist, a talented composer, and a skilled producer. His four solo albums, Agora and Happy People, as well as Breakdown, showcase his musical versatility. Paulinho’s prolific career has seen him involved in some of the most successful projects of the decade, such as the record-breaking Thriller, We Are The World, and the percussion-dominated success stories of All Night Long, La Isla Bonita, and We Are The World. His talents are also well-known in film and television. His film credits include The Color Purple, an Oscar-nominated motion pic, and action hits such as Transformers and Mission Impossible. Paulinho is also credited with many films that have reached people around the world, including Dirty Dancing, Purple Rain, Saturday Night Fever and Footloose. Paulinho Da Costa’s music can be heard in your home via radio or television. It doesn’t matter if it’s for popular TV shows such as Will

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