Pedro Sousa

Pedro Sousa, a sculptor and musician, focuses his art on sound and kinetic sculptures. He currently works in Lisbon’s music scene and develops work as a side effect of his studies at Ar.Co and Lisbon’s Fine-Arts Faculty of Lisbon. Oto is an all-electronic trio that he has joined. Their debut concert was held at the Serralves Institute. He is part of a duo with Gabriel Ferrandini, the drummer. Member of the duo project eitr with Pedro Lopes, turntablist and saxophone player. ACRE is a Trio of Improvised Music with Felipe Felizardo and Gabriel Ferrandini. Hernani Faustino plays in duo. He was also a frequent participant in the Variable Geometry Orchestra (VGO) which is directed by Ernesto Rodrigues of the Creative Sources Label. Other projects include the now-defunct Flu, an improvised noise/rock band. He has attended many festivals and is a regular collaborator in the improvised/jazz scene of Lisbon. He collaborates occasionally as a reviewer and illustrator for magazine. In 2010 he won an honorary mention in the Intermedia grant “Bolsa Ernesto de Sousa” curated by Phil Niblock with the performance/installation: “Your Round Smell” from

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