Pedrosaxo (pedro Rafael Garcia Moreno)

Pedrosaxo (Pedro Rafael Garcia Moreno), a Spanish saxophonist, graduated with high honors from the Conservatory of Granada. He performed original compositions and was a finalist on the TV series ‘GOT TALENT. He pursued personal research and studied the saxophone. He also explored new interpretations, imitating sounds and world music. He also practiced with professional actors in Madrid. Pedrosaxo has become a rare artist with extreme sensitivity to the environment. He can describe faraway places using the saxophone as well as his body. His music is a combination of orginality, traditional saxophone, and a blend of both. He is both an artist and a teacher. He has been to major saxophone halls in the USA, Japan, Spain, France, Portugal, Spain, Slovakia, France and the Netherlands. Pedrosaxo’s role as a teacher is where he provides unique experiences for saxophonists of all levels. He encourages them to have new experiences with the instrument. Pedrosaxo met Jeff Coffin in the USA during a 2012 trip. He was a 3x Grammy-winner along with Bela Fleck.

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