Pensiero Nomade

Pensiero nomade is a solo project of Salvo Lazzara, a Sicilian-born guitarist/composer. He was previously known to fans of Italian progressive music as a member Germinale in the Nineties. This band released three albums for Mellow Records and participated in some tribute compilations. Lazzara made the decision to move to Rome at the start of the 21st century, realizing that his musical tastes were shifting and began studying jazz and improvisation. Pensiero Nomade was born out of that experience. The project’s name is a hint at the many influences that Lazzara draws from, ranging from jazz to world music and ambient/electronics. Per questi e altri naufragi was the project’s first album. It was followed by Materie e memorie (2009) and Tempi migliori (2009). Finally, Imperfetta solitudine was released in 2013.

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