Pericopes is an Italian jazz duo that was founded in 2007 in Italy by Alessandro Sgobbio, pianist, and Emiliano Vernizzi, saxophonist. Their style is best described as “New Jazz”, with roots in Afro-American music and European tradition. They also have a passion for melody and structure. Pericopes have participated in several important European jazz festivals, including the Umbria Jazz festival (Perugia), Italy), Parma Jazz Frontiere, (Parma), Italy), Jazz Pas Grave, Unesco International Jazz Day, Paris, France), BurgJazz, M√ľnster, Germany, where they presented their critically acclaimed double-debut CD, “The Double Side”. Pericopes started collaborating in Paris with Nick Wight (New York-based drummer), marking the beginning of a “transatlantic musical direction”. Pericopes added a third vocalist to their sound, which included avant-garde jazz and post-rock interplay, but retained its original melody and structure. This trio-project was fueled by enthusiasm and support. They performed on a U.S. tour, recorded “These Human Beings”, and were released by AlfaMusic in February 2015.

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