Peter Asplund

Peter Asplund, a prominent trumpet player in Sweden, is Peter Asplund. You can also say it as it is. He is one the most prominent trumpeters in Europe, if not the entire world. There is no need to draw a line. Jazz transcends national borders. It is said that “a fantastic musician always plays straight from his heart” and we all agree with this statement. He has perfected his energetic, melodic, melancholic, and energy-loaded trumpet style over the years until he can truly express what he feels. He can play any standard by Cole Porter, George Gershwin or Duke Ellington. It also applies to his original compositions. These are tunes that have a distinctive accent on melody. He has recorded eight albums under his own name, been nominated for a Swedish Grammis, and won the Orkester Journalen’s Gyllene Skivan-Golden Record award for his two albums “Lochiel’s Warning” and “Asplund meets Bergstein”. He is highly sought-after in Sweden, and for good reason. In the early Nineties, he was on the scene. He was also a part of a revival in soul music and the inclusion of jazz elements into pop music. Peter Asplund was among the few soloists who were invited to contribute that flavor to more than 200 recordings. Peter Asplund believes that learning is only possible through hard work and trial. It is necessary to also be a craftsman in order to become an artist. One gives birth to the next and along the way, one finds their own voice and style of expression. This was the case for Peter Asplund. Asplund was a young prodigy and quickly rose to prominence. He has continued to refine and develop what was always there. Although it sounds simple, it was not without hard work. While he is always in high demand, it is Peter Asplund, a jazz musician. He is the leader of many of his own bands. He is perhaps best known for his years of success with his quartet, which included pianist Jacob Karlzon and bassist Hans Andersson, as well as drummer Johan Lofcrantz Ramsay. He has toured Sweden with them and other bands, played in small clubs, concert halls, festivals, and toured the USA, Canada and England. Peter Asplund is not only a frontman for his own projects and groups, but he was also a key member of two of Sweden’s most renowned big bands, Tolvan Big Band, and Stockholm Jazz Orchestra. He also leads Blue House Jazz Orchestra at the Stockholm Concert Hall, which is its own big band. Peter Asplund, a jazz musician, is mostly a soloist in big bands, trios, sinfoniettas wind orchestras, and choirs. When he became a jazz singer in 2007, Peter Asplund was a surprise to the jazz world. Asplund quickly rose to be one of Sweden’s top jazz singers following in the footsteps of Mel Torme and Frank Sinatra. After a lively duet with Deborah Brown, she suggested that he record a recording to demonstrate how a male jazz singer should sound. Peter Asplund, a highly-respected teacher and pedagogue who is always on the go, has a unique ability of sharing his ever-growing knowledge with others. He was a trumpet teacher at Stockholm’s Royal College of Music for many years and holds clinics throughout Sweden. Peter Asplund is also an active producer, who is keenly aware of jazz music. Peter Asplund has been a part of many great Swedish musicians over the years, including Louie Bellson and Jerry Bergonzi. ), Bobo Steensson and Svante Thuresson. Victoria Tolstoy. Bengt-Arne Wallin. Putte Wickman. Monica Zetterlund. Lenart Aberg.

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