Peter Bernstein

Peter Bernstein, a jazz guitarist, was born in New York City on September 3, 1967. When he was a student at the New School, he met Jim Hall who offered him a gig as a guitarist in the 1990 JVC Jazz Festival. MusicMasters recorded the show and released it as Vol. Live at Town Hall. 2. Bernstein soon began to play with other jazz musicians. He was featured on many albums including those by Lou Donaldson and Michael Hashim, Larry Goldings as well as Mel Rhyne and Jesse Davis. His first album, Somethin’s burning’, was recorded by Bernstein as a leader for Criss Cross in 1992. He performed with Brad Mehldau (piano), John Webber on bass, and Jimmy Cobb on drums. He worked with Patti Page and Eric Alexander in 1993-1994. Hendrik Meurkens, Laverne Butler and Eric Alexander were also among his collaborators. On May 2, 1995, Signs of Life was released. He again collaborated with Mehldau (piano), Christian McBride and Gregory Hutchinson on drums. His third album, Brain Dance was released on June 24, 1997. He continued his sideman work with Ghetto Philharmonic and Trudy Desmond as well as Joshua Redman, Teodross, Joshua Redman (tenor saxophone), Grant Stewart, and Mike LeDonne. He led a quintet that included Eric Alexander (tenor Saxophone), Steve Davis and Billy Drummond (drums). Bernstein had previously recorded with Eric Comstock and Ralph Lalama before his fourth album, Earth Tones. Earth Tones was released August 25, 1998. He was fronting a trio that included Goldings (drums) and Bill Stewart. It was five years before Heart’s Content was released. Bernstein’s fifth album, Heart’s Content, was his fifth as a leader. He worked with many musicians, including Tom Aalfs (drums), Group 15, David Bubba Brooks and Sam Yahel. Heart’s Content was released on May 27, 2003. It was recorded by “Peter Bernstein 3,” and included Mehldau (bass), and Bill Stewart (bass). Bernstein was also featured on the albums of Wycliffe Gordon and Janis Siegel in 2003, which was the same year as the album’s release. The Japanese Tokuma label released Stranger in Paradise on June 8, 2004. It featured the same lineup that was used for Heart’s Content. Bernstein also recorded with musicians with whom he had previously recorded. He was featured on the albums of Dr. Lonnie Smith and Jim Rotondi in 2004, and Kathy Kosins 2005. Mel Bay released the DVD Peter Bernstein Troo Live at Smoke on August 23, 2005. It was taped at a Manhattan jazz club. Bernstein also added to his list of credits dates with Joe Magnarelli and Alvin Queen in the mid 2000s. The newly reactivated Xanadu record label released Bernstein’s seventh album Monk on January 13, 2009. It was a tribute to Thelonious Monk and featured all Monk compositions. Monk was a pianist but Bernstein’s recording was recorded with a pianoless trio that included Doug Weiss (bass) and Bill Stewart. Allmusic

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