Peter Evans

American trumpet player Peter Evans is based in New York. He specializes in avant-garde and improvisation. Evans is a member of New York City’s musical community since 2003 when he relocated to the city following his graduation from The Oberlin Conservatory of Music. Peter works in many areas including solo performance, chamber orchestras and performance art. He also enjoys free improvised settings, composition, electro-acoustic music, and composition. He also performs as part of the Festival of New Trumpet Music that is held every year in New York City. Evans has toured the United States, Canada and Italy. Evan Parker released More Is More, his solo trumpet album, in 2006. Firehouse 12 released Evans’ debut album as a leader, simply called The Peter Evans Quartet in 2007. His quartet, which includes Brandon Seabrook, Tom Blancarte and Kevin Shea, is a regular performance venue. Firehouse 12 released his debut album as a leader, The Peter Evans Quartet, in 2007. Peter performs contemporary notated music in New York with Ensemble 21, Alarm Will Sound, Continuum and Continuum. He continues to play piccolo trumpet in Baroque settings and has performed Brandenburg Concerto No. He has continued to perform on piccolo trumpet in Baroque settings, performing Brandenburg Concerto No. 2 at the Bargemusic Series and at St. Peter’s Mass In B Minor. Others who have collaborated recently include Mary Halvorson (drummer for The Yeah Yeah Yeahs), Perry Robinson, Fred Frith and Fred Frith. Wikipedia

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