Peter King

PETERKING – August 11, 1940 to August 23, 2020 Alto Tenor, Soprano and Soprano Saxophonist and Composer PETERKING is a prolific composer/arranger who works in jazz and classical tradition. King’s musical career spans five decades. King also has time to study aerodynamics and model aircraft, which has led to numerous papers published in leading journals. King’s autobiography Flying High: A Jazz Life u0026 Beyond is due to be published in 2009. King was 19 when he exploded onto the British Jazz scene, performing at Ronnie Scott’s Club, London’s famous Jazz Mecca. “Had Scott’s Club been lost to the world overnight, it would have still been able to justify its existence by pointing out a new discovery like Peter King. (Benny Green’s ‘Jazz Decade’, Ten Years at Ronnie Scott’s’ King’s Road Publishing Ltd 1969). “from

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