Peter Van Huffel

Gorilla Mask, fearless and relentless, is all about energy. Canadian ex-pat Peter van Huffel, Rudi Fischerlehner, and Roland Fidezius, all have free jazz, metal, and punk in their DNAs. However, the evolution process has taken these silverbacks well beyond their genetic code. Their music is fast, the result of a trio of musicians who are acutely aware of what they want and how to achieve it. Hi-jinks nonstop. They’ll set your feet ablaze and then pull the rug from under you. But there is a precision to their madness, a sense that they are working for a purpose. This is the result of a constantly-active, acutely-intelligent hive-mind made up of three virtuosos. Van Huffel is a master of the alto reed. Imagine the soaring tone of Arthur Blythe paired with the blissed out inventions of David S. Ware. The churning fuzz-wah bass, crackling rimshot drumkit and pulsing percussion of Van Huffel are like surfing on the largest wave he has ever seen. They create spirals of sound in four or five dimensions, slapping you in the ribs and messing with your brain. Before you can plead “!…no ma!” the energy has already moved into unknown territory. from

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