Petras Vyšniauskas

Petras Vysniauskas is one of the most prominent representatives of Lithuanian Jazz. He is a saxophonist and composer, as well as a pedagogue. He enjoys working with many musicians, including folk, jazz and academic musicians – Veronika Povilioniene, the Lithuanian Chamber Orchestra, St Christopher Chamber Orchestra, and the Lithuanian National Symphony Orchestra. His repertoire includes baroque compositions for trumpet and oboe, as well as works that were dedicated to him by contemporary composers. Vysniauskas can be heard as a ‘voice’ in over 50 theatre productions, as well as Lithuanian or European movies. Vysniauskas has been a partner with Steve Lacy and Bob Stenson, Han Bennink. Tomasz Stanko. Jon Christensen. Jon Christensen. Theo Jorgensmann. Jimmy Owens. Charly Mariano. Karl Berger. Anatoly Vapirov. Reiner Winterschladen. John Law. Steve Swell. Hilliard Greene. Vijay Iyer. John Lindberg. Antoni Donchev. Mark Tokar. Rova Saxophone Quartet. He was a part of major international jazz projects such as East Meet West, Jazz Baltica and Octet Ost. He is currently focusing on Ganelin Trio Priority. This international group includes Vyacheslav Ganelin (Israeli keyboardist) and Klaus Kugel (German drummer). Vysniauskas is a regular performer at dozens of European festivals including the Detroit Jazz Festival, Vision Festival in New York (USA), Perth Festival in Australia (Australia) and Japan. He is also a mentor for young Lithuanian musicians and teaches at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre. Vysniauskas was awarded the Lithuanian National Arts and Culture Prize, the Fifth Degree Order of the Lithuanian Great Duke Gediminas and the National Pride Award for his performance and pedagogical efforts in nurturing and promulgating the Lithuanian jazz Vysniauskas. Visit

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