Phi Ansari Yaan-zek

I am a musician, composer, and musical explorer. The guitar is my primary tool for expression and discovery. I am still a beginner. Bob Brozman said in concert once that 500 years is the minimum time it takes to be a good musician. He’s probably right, it takes only a few weeks at most. Being a beginner makes every day exciting and new. The journey into music is deep and mysterious. It’s fun to learn! Music is my constant reminder that I need to let go of control and just be present in the moment. Music is for me a way to heal, discover myself and find wonder. It has nothing to do with the multitude of corporate jingles that claim to be music. It is important to distinguish between music and jingles. The majority of what we see in the mainstream are jingles that are designed to promote a false lifestyle and are performed by corporate salespeople. It is not about creativity, but pleasing the media industry shareholders. Unfortunately, the vast array of music that exists under the radar is being overlooked is also lost. Mike Keneally (Frank Zappa Joe Satriani and Steve Vai), Marco Minnemann, Joe Satriani and Steve Wilson, The Aristocrats), Bumblefoot, Guns N’ Roses), Bryan Beller, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani and The Aristocrats), Andy Edwards, IQ, Frost, and Lalle Larsson, Karmakanic, Agents of Mercy). My parents are amazing – my mother is French and my father is an Indian professor of pediatrics. He also loves Rumi and is a sufi poet. Growing up in South Wales, I felt inherently displace. Ufology was my favorite subject at seven years old. It was always disappointing that such subjects were not explored at school. My sense of purpose, creativity and ability to survive the school system were not lost. Music was a way to keep the door open. I would love to one day read the book by G’Quan. At 2:45 on track 4, there is what appears to be an EVP (recorded spirit). Lydian augmented sounds very sexy. A 1988 Ibanez RG550 guitar with an extended cutaway is my favorite. Shawn Lane and Jeff Beck are some of my favorite guitarists. Ry Cooder, Ali Farka Toure (pictured above), Shawn Lane, Jeff Beck and George Harrison are also among them.

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