Phil Broadhurst

Phil Broadhurst is a teacher of jazz performance, piano, composition, history and the head of the jazz department on the Albany campus. Phil Broadhurst is a jazz composer and pianist, and he writes and hosts The Art of Jazz weekly at Concert FM. He was the first jazz musician to receive the MNZM in 2001 for his services to jazz. Phil was born in the UK and studied jazz at Berklee College, Boston. He then returned to New Zealand where he formed the iconic 80s band Sustenance. He recorded four albums. He was the pianist for the George Chisholm Quintet and the Brian Smith Quartet and led his own trio along with Andy Brown, Frank Gibson, and Frank Gibson. Ode Records recently reissued their albums Iris, Fabric and Fabric. For many years, Phil was a regular at Auckland’s premier jazz venue, The London Bar. He has worked in the USA, UK, and other parts of the world. He also collaborated with many great jazz musicians visiting NZ such as Ronnie Scott, Johnny Griffin, and Scott Hamilton. He has been a performer and teacher at the Magnetic Island Jazz Festival in Queensland, Australia. He has performed overseas in Paris, London, Samoa, and other cities. His research interests are in European jazz. He holds a Master’s Degree in the music and life of French jazz pianist Michel Petrucciani. In 2011, he released Delayed Reaction, an album of original arrangements and arrangements based on his music on the IA Rattle label. This album was a finalist for the 2012 Jazz Tui Awards. He was previously a three-time winner of the Jazz Record of the Year Award. from

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