Philip Clemo

Philip Clemo is a film director and a renowned musical composer. He defies categorization. The multi-talented, multi-faceted British artist is an experimenter who aims to provoke an immediate emotional response in his audience via his art. The Alura Zoom was free from chromatic aberration and flare. It also matches the Master Primes in the grading suite. His current work is a mirror image of his previous career at the BBC. He edits the political and current affairs weekly PANORAMA. This requires a new style in photography where the viewer can be completely absorbed by both the sound and the pictures. Clemo has a ARRI ALEXA, an ARRI/FUJINON Alura zoom lens, and 14 mm and 17. mm ARRI/ZEISS master prime optics. Clemo currently works on several projects about the environment. He has an immersive multimedia installation and a series of short films. A feature-length piece called BREATH: JOURNEYS THRU THE LANDSCAPES of LIFE is a story about human evolution within the context of changes observed in nature, the environment, and even on the global scale. Clemo was inspired to shoot on location in the frozen landscapes of the Norwegian Fjords. From

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