Philip Dizack

Simply put, Philip Dizack has had an honorable career. He was awarded a full tuition scholarship to the Manhattan School of Music and was invited to join NFAA Stan Getz/Clifford Brown Fellowship All-Stars. He was a third-place winner of 2004 Carmine Caruso International Trumpet Guild Jazz Competition. He also won the John Coltrane Scholar award, and was first in the 2005 National Trumpet Competition. It was not surprising to see Dizack listed among the youngest semifinalists in the 2007 Thelonious Monk International Jazz Trumpet Competition. Philip was also featured by DownBeat that year as one of the “25 Trumpet Players For the Future”. This recognition stems from a history of apprenticing with some of the idiom’s greatest bandleaders. Philip was trained in the ensembles of Bobby Watson, Nicholas Payton and Eddie Palmieri. Philip has also dedicated himself to his pursuits as a leader. In 2005, he released Beyond A Dream via Fresh Sound. The trumpeter has been finishing up End of an Era, his second album, since November. Truth Revolution Records will release it. End of an Era features Jake Saslow as the saxophonist and Reinaldo DeJesus as the percussionist. There are also two rhythm sections, one featuring the pianist Aaron Parks and Linda Oh and the drummer Kendrick, while the other features Justin Brown and Joe Sanders. The third album features arrangements for a sixty piece studio orchestra. This was made possible by Philip’s collaboration with Charles Schiermeyer, the producer and composer. Philip was first at The Gallery in 2010. We are pleased to welcome him back on Thursday night for his second performance. This will include Jake Saslow, Eden Ladin, Linda Oh, and Justin Brown. From

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