Philippe Mouratoglou

Philippe Mouratoglou, classically trained by Roland Dyens, Wim Hoogewerf and Pablo Marquez and Assistant Professor to the latter at Strasbourg Conservatory of Music is what sets him apart. He has a wide repertoire of styles on classical, folk, and baritone acoustic instruments. His improvisational and interpretive style strikes the right chord among musicians of all genres. Philippe Mouratoglou excels at chamber music, major guitar concertos and Occitania Chamber Orchestra’s Toulouse Mozart Orchestra and Occitania Chamber Orchestra. He is equally adept with traditional folk and modern compositions from the Linea or Alma Viva Ensembles. His collaboration with Ariane Wohlhuter, soprano, has resulted in 2 CDs on the Troba Vox label. We Only Came to Dream features the music of John Dowland and Benjamin Britten (2013) and Melodies et Lieder features the works of Franz Schubert, Gabriel Faure (2017). Philippe Mouratoglou and clarinetist Jean Marc Foltz, along with Philippe Ghielmetti, have released a growing collection of original oeuvres under their own Vision Fugitive label. – A revisit of Robert Johnson’s repertoire with clarinetist Jean Marc Foltz, double bassist Bruno Chevillon (Steady Rollin’ Man 2012); – Two solo releases featuring improvisations, original pieces and musings about the works of Francesco da Milano Gismonti and Toru Takemitsu Takemitsu Takemitsu Takemitsu Takemitsutakemitsu Takemitsu Takemitsu, Arthur Kampela and Benjamin Britten (Exercices of Egberto Gismonti and Egberto Gismonti (Exercicesson, 2013).

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