Philly Joe Jones’ Dameronia

Philly Joe Jones recorded his first Dameron recording in 1953. He fell in love with Dameron’s writings and swinging sensibility. The duo had to deal with three issues when Jones and Don Sickler decided to form a Dameron tribute group in the 1980s. Jones’ wife applied and was granted a grant to solve the money problem. Dameron charts were not available so Sickler had the task of transcribing Dameron’s recordings. After the music was done, everyone was hired and a gig was scheduled for April 1982 at Lush Life in New York. It’s now a distant memory. There was a real fear that Jones’ music and that of young composers would not be heard. It is hard to believe that in the early 1980s, New York was virtually undiscovered by fusion and free jazz fans. Jones persuaded Robert Palmer of The New York Times, to publish a preview of Jones’ band, its mission, and the upcoming gig. Lush Life was thrilled when the article was published. Dameronia released its first album, To Tadd With Love, a few months later. The band recorded Look, Stop, and Listen with Johnny Griffin, a year later and on the 10th chart. The newly reissued Look, Stop and Listen CD features Don Sickler and Virgil Jones (trumpets), Frank Wess and Frank Wess as well as Charles Davis and Johnny Griffin (tenor sax), Cecil Payne (baritone sax), Walter Davis, Jr., Larry Ridley (bass), and Philly Joe Jones on drums. These guys were playing at a club in 1983, so why not go? This album’s stellar lineup of songs reminds you why Dameron is the best composer-arranger of post-war years. The album includes the beautiful Theme of No Repeat, which Dameron recorded with Clifford Brown back in 1953. The inspiring Focus is also included. This track was taken from Dameron’s Big Ten live dates at the Royal Roost in 1949. The piano parts were handled by Walter Davis Jr. from

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