Pierre Dørge

Pierre Dorge is well-known for his New Jungle Orchestra. This band plays originals and fresh interpretations of classics, such as those by Duke Ellington or Thelonious Monk. His first band was formed in 1960. He was also a member John Tchicai’s big band (1969-1971), and in 1978 he led a quartet called Thermaenius. In 1980, Dorge founded the New Jungle Orchestra. Dorge recorded a number of very interesting sessions for SteepleChase, including a duo recording with Tchicai. Allmusic Guitarist, composer, and bandleader. Born in Copenhagen 1946. Leader of the 11-piece NEW JUNGLE ORCHESTRA, which was formed in 1980. He was also named Danish National Ensemble 1993-1996. He is a self-taught musician whose father made his first 4-string guitar. After winning the Danish Radio amateur competition with his Copenhagen Jazz Band, Dorge’s career took off. Dorge was a prolific and broad-ranging figure on the Danish jazz scene. Since the beginning of his career, Dorge has been an avid fan of modern jazz. However, he has shown an interest in other genres and cultures throughout the years. Dorge has added his unique brand of world music to this mix of common and diverse traditions. Dorge has composed music for big bands and duos, as well as chamber orchestras.

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