Chris Batchelor trumpet. Liam Noble piano. James Allsopp baritone Sax. Paul Clarvis drums. Pigfoot burst onto London’s scene in 2013. Their highly original New Orleans Jazz take, ’21st Century Acid Trad’ was recorded live at The Vortex. Their Vortex residency, ‘Pigfoot Play,’ has seen them expand their repertoire to include gigs dedicated opera, Motown, Elvis and Bacharach, as well as the music of 1972. All these were transformed spontaneously by the band’s wild musicality, wry humor, and their wild musicality. The all-star line-up has received praise from critics and audiences at London Jazz Festivals in Swanage, Scarborough and Scarborough for their innovative approach to popular music. Their second CD, “Pigfoot Shuffle”, was just recorded. It will be released in September 2019. They use their genre-bending skills to remix a variety of classic material, including Led Zeppelin’s raucous “Black Dog”, Curtis Mayfield’s 70’s funk of “Pusherman”, South Africa’s transformation of “The Marriage of Figaro’s Mozart aria, and, more often, a mix of Elvis Presley material and Wagner material. With the introduction of Liam Noble’s unique keyboard setup, Pigfoot has become a more dynamic sound. This allows Chris Batchelor to work with James Allsop as a powerful frontline. The inspiration of Paul Clarvis’ sparky, spiky drumming helps them along. Anything is possible. from www.chris-batchelor.com

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