Pink Freud

Pink Freud, a band founded in 1998, has been one of the most innovative voices in contemporary jazz. The band contributed to the development of the Polish jazz scene, and helped open the publishing market for independent music. For a modern audience, Formation has redefined jazz composition. Their music transcends the boundaries of traditional forms. They use classical instruments that have been enriched with electronic musical tools to create music in a variety of styles, including punk, rock, dub, jungle, and electronic. The band is fully aware of the need to cross species boundaries and create a music bath that is full of subtle melodies for an intelligent, sensitive audience. Critics of the band say: “it’s radical music (…), Jazz of the highest quality.” – Piotr, “Gazeta Wiborcza”; “with hope of Polish jazz Pink Freud transformed into its main force” Jacek Skolimowski, “Przekroj” Pink Freud is hot in spring 2012. Premiere of the latest album by Pink Freud, titled “Horse”.

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