Pipe Dream

Pipe Dream is an international group featuring four of the most intriguing personalities in the new italy creative scene, as well as Hank Roberts, the American cellist. Hank Roberts’ nearly four-decade-long career has given him a unique voice as a cellist. His repertoire includes abstract improvisation, soulful folk melodies and intricate new-music compositions. He also sings rock songs. Roberts was born in Terre Haute in Indiana and made his mark on the 1980s Downtown scene in New York. He was without any mentors or peers and forged his own path in that fertile terrain with frequent collaborators like Bill Frisell, Tim Berne (Marc Ribot), John Zorn and John Zorn. They are a mixture of chamber music, american folk-rock, and african echoes. Cam Jazz will release their first album, ‘Pipe Dream’ on September 7, 2018. from www.pipedream-music.com

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