The debut album “Reminder” was released by one of the most dynamic bands to emerge from the active Norwegian jazz scene. That’s a huge feat in a country where the best jazz talent is found in tap water. Pixel combines the sounds of the classic, keyboard-less, modern Jazz quartet of saxophone, trumpet, bass, and drums. (Remember Gerry Mulligan, Ornette Coleman, Gerry Mulligan, etc.). With the energy and attitude associated with indie rock (all players are under 25). Pixel is led by Ellen Andrea Wang, bassist and singer. They have been together for two years. Jon Audun Baar, Harald Lassen, and Jonas Vemoy are also featured. Pixel and all the players are very active in the Scandinavian jazz scene. This is jazz, just like The Bad Plus and similar forward-thinking groups. However, it’s also jazz. It’s rock music that can be understood by rock audiences, and has great crossover potential. http://pixelband.no

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