Alfredo of Rocha Vianna Filho was born in Rio de Janeiro on April 23, 1897. Pixinguinha was born from the combination of two nicknames: Pizindim, which means small good, and bixiguinha, which refers to having suffered from the disease. He was fourth in a family of ten musical sons. His father, as well as several of his siblings, was a musician. He was still a child when he started to play small guitar and accompany his father, who was a flautist. He made his first work at 12 years old, the cry “Can of Milk”, which was inspired by the whiners. These bohemian musicians, who drink to music and water after long nights, used the odd milk found in the doors of their houses to get the night’s entertainment. At 13 he began to learn the bombadino flute and the bombadino. He recorded his first compositions at 17: “Rose” and “you Suffers because you Wants”. He travels to the outside with “The Eight Batons” in 1922. In addition, he extends his mesues tour of six months, which was only for one month. He is well-known for his international fame. He can be considered an applied musician until this point. Pinxinguinha wasn’t just a talented musician. Pinxinguinha is still a well-known flautist and arranger. He was the first conductor-arranger to be hired in an era when most musicians were amateurs. Your erudite European formation was mixed with the Brazilian and North American black music. You brought a Brazilian sound to the table! He brought a flavoring, a national accent to our music, and marked it with class and style. His radio history and national music history are mixed. He is the greatest master of all the great masters Brazil has had. It is impossible to think about national music without referring to this great musician who died in 1973. It is comforting to know that many compositions remain unpublished and are still asking for their publication. This will be done…that Pixinguinha be shown…because Pixinguinha’s temporal ….. bio is at www.mpbnet.com.br

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