Po De Cafe Quarteto

The “Po de Cafe Quartet”, a Brazilian jazz band, was formed in Ribeirao Preto (Sao Paulo) by seasoned musicians from the local scene. It represents the new generation Brazilian jazz. The quartet was formed in 2007 by Bruno Barbosa, Duda Lazarini (drums), Marcelo Toledo (sax), and Leandro Cunha / Murilo Barbosa / Murilo Barbosa (piano). They were also responsible for “Jazz na Coisa”, which has attracted a diverse audience for jazz for three years. It was hard to find jazz outside of Brazil’s major cities when the band began playing. The band was born in Ribeirao Preto, but there were no jazz clubs. The Po de Cafe Quartet’s success with “Jazz na Coisa” has made Ribeirao Preto’s jazz scene a lot more vibrant. After the success of “Jazz na Coisa”, the quartet recorded their first album, “Po de Cafe Quarteto”, which was released in June 2013. Bruno Barbosa produced the album, with musicians and composers Mauro Zigaris, Caetano Ribeiro and Rubens Antunes as well as Mario Feres and Joao Magioni. The album features new songs that combine samba, jazz and ballads. The Cultural Department of the Municipality supported the recording through the PIC – Cultural Incentive Program. from http://podecafequarteto.com

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