Ponga is an improvisational group based in Seattle that includes Wayne Horvitz (keyboards), Bobby Previte, Skerik (saxophone), Mike Gamble (guitars), and Mike Gamble. Ponga’s recordings and performances were completely improvised, with no overdubs. The group was formed in 1997. They toured North America, Europe, and Japan following their self-titled 1999 release. The group is often described as intuitive, referencing the electric bands of Miles Davis in late 1960s and early 1970s. They also have a reputation for their all-encompassing style. Both technical and aesthetic expertise are highlighted in the reviews. Re-mixes were released by Fila Brazillia and Spacetime Continuum to follow the first album. These remixes contained more danceable beats. The final studio release, Psychological, was recorded live at the O.K. Seattle Hotel It received positive reviews as well as live performances. From Wikipedia

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