Porta Palace Collective

Johnny Lapio is the leader of this young quintet. It was formed in the context of an Arcote Jazz Torino music school, which used jazz to educate the complex social realities of Porta Palazzo. Giancarlo Schaffini, one the most respected and revered Italian contemporary jazz masters, directs the group. He presents a multiform repertoire and a mobile sound structure that combines languages, giving ample space for individual voices. The group’s lively music is produced despite the variety of materials used – open blues, sinuous ballads and reggae divertions, free jazz passages and reggae echoes, sound notes of European origin, Art Ensemble echoes, and sounds of European origin – it still manages to produce a wide range of musical styles. Johnny Lapio, trumpet, Giancarlo Schiaffini, trombone, Giuseppe Ricupero, tenor sax, Lino Mei, piano, Gianmaria Ferrario, counterbass, Ruben Bellavia, drums. From www.rudirecords.com

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