Preservation Hall Jazz Band

Preservation Hall Jazz Band performs every night at Preservation Hall in New Orleans. They also tour around the globe over 150 days per year. Preservation Hall was closed during Hurricane Katrina’s fall and winter 2005. The building remained closed until April 2006. The band continued touring while Preservation Hall was closed. Larry Borenstein, an artist dealer, opened an art gallery in a building he named Associated Artists Studio back in 1961. Preservation Hall was born from this. Allan Jaffe, a young tuba player, managed the hall and organized tours for musicians who performed there. He also named the band after the location. Allan Jaffe, the late Allan Jaffe, was often in Preservation Hall bands. His son string bass player Ben Jaffe is often there. Since 1995, the group has been touring the United States. Preservation Hall Jazz Band aims to preserve New Orleans’ music and bring it to modern audiences. The National Medal of Arts was presented to the band in 2006. The Preservation Hall Jazz Band’s name has a partial list of musicians: * Kid Thomas Valentine, trumpeter; Punch miller, trumpeter; * Percy Humphrey, trombonist; * Frank Demond, trombonist; * Jim Robinson, trombonist; * Billie Pierce, pianist, * Sweet Emma Barrett, pianist, * Jeanette Kimball, pianist, * Sing Miller, pianist, * Alcide “Slow Drag,” Pavageau, clarinetist, * Williet, vocals, clarinet and saxophonesaxophonesaxophone, clarinet * Shannon Powell, drumsaxophone, clarinet

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