Rachel Eckroth

Music writers are often left stumped when trying to quantify the work of an artist. They seem to resort to the ‘eclectic trick’ all too often. Rachel Eckroth, jazz pianist, singer, and songwriter is an example of eclectic music. However, Rachel’s music is clear – from its roots and influences to its gracefully bold uniqueness. Rachel was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. Her parents were musicians, as well as her brother Michael, a pianist. Rachel was already a regular in Phoenix’s jazz scene by the time she was in high school. She was under the tutelage of Dennis Rowland, a former Basie Band singer. Rachel studied at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas. She graduated and stayed on to support numerous national and regional acts. Rachel moved east to obtain an MFA (Major in Jazz Performance) from Rutgers University. Her resume also included international and national touring experience, as well as a steady gig in Phoenix with an international recording artist. Rachel also released “Mind”, her first solo album. This jazz trio record was well received by critics across the country. “A composer/performer clearly influenced and firmly rooted within the tradition, but makes her own statement in an uniquely elegant way.” Thomas Erdmann, Jazzreview.com Rachel’s “Mind” album was a significant accomplishment that gave her great pride. However, there were endless musical ideas that remained unfulfilled and needed to be realized. Rachel spent hours in the studio creating new songs, perfecting her lyrics and working with top musicians and producers to fine-tune her ideas. Rachel moved back to New York City in 2011 after experiencing a personal epiphany. She settled in Brooklyn for what she calls an “inspirational, productive, and cathartic” year. This year saw the release of her second solo album “Let Go”. Rachel sings on 10 tracks on “Let Go”, which she describes as a singer-songwriter mix of jazz, pop, and R.

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