Rachel Flowers

Rachel Flowers, multi-talented composer and instrumentalist, was born December 21, 1993. She was 15 weeks premature and lost her sight as an infant to Retinopathy of Prematurity. Rachel was just two years old when her mother, Rachel, taught her how to play “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” and she soon learned every song by herself. Rachel began studying at the Southern California Conservatory of Music when she was four years old. She studied primarily with Grant Horrocks and Richard Taesch. Rachel studied music fundamentals and piano. It was here that she learned Braille Music Code as well as adaptive computer music applications. Toby Caplan Stonefield, Rachel’s flute teacher, was also at SCCM. Rachel played flute in her high school and middle school bands. She also played piano with The RPM Jazz Trio and performed at a variety music festivals and competitions. As a jazz pianist and classical flutist, Rachel won numerous ribbons, certificates and awards. She also performed in a variety of music festivals and competitions. Rachel is currently composing original material that will be the foundation of her musical career. Rachel’s musical influences include her rich musical history, which includes jazz, classical and progressive rock music. This helps Rachel create a unique style. from http://rachelflowersmusic.com

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