Rain Sultanov

Rain Sultanov, a leading jazz saxophonist, has greatly contributed to the development and appreciation of Azerbaijani jazz culture. Rain Sultanov is a rare individual who has been able to follow such an interesting and varied creative path that is rich in musical events. His work is an inspiration to world-renowned experts in high music. Rain’s music is full of meaning and inspires deep thought. Rain Sultanov was conceived in Baku, Azerbaijan on 29 April 1965. Rain Sultanov, who was a distance student at a music school, became a clarinetist and amazed his teachers with his hard work and natural talent. Rain Sultanov won the Republican clarinetists competition in 1985. After being invited by Rashid Behbudov (the master of Azerbaijani singing arts), Rain Sultanov began his work at the Azerbaijan Song Theatre in 1988. Rain is the jazz soloist for the Qaya State Jazz Orchestra after Behbudov’s death in 1990. Rain Sultanov’s professional career in jazz can be described as his emerging career. He founded the band Syndicate in 1997 and released his first album, ‘Last Moment.’ Rain Sultanov published his book, ‘Anthology of Jazz In Azerbaijan’, in 2003. It was a long-term work. The book included archival material from around the globe, as well facts and photos of people who were associated with jazz in Azerbaijan. Two CDs are included in the book with music from the past and contemporary composers. This book is the first comprehensive source of information on Azerbaijani jazz, and shows the entire history of jazz development in Baku. Sultanov was not content with just scientific research and analysis about the history of jazz. He also enjoyed a wide range of musical activities. Rain Sultanov was appointed the festival’s art director and coordinator one year later. Since its inception, the Baku Jazz Festival has been held every year. It is now the largest jazz festival in the country. His unique performance style is complemented by a constant stream of new albums, ideas and projects. Rain Sultanov was a regular participant in many jazz festivals and concerts around the world, from his Soviet days to today. Rain Sultanov, a leading jazz musician, is an authority on different music forms. He has a unique style, and is open to new ideas and projects. His vision of the future is inexorably drawn to him. Visit www.rainsultanov.com

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