Ray Suhy & Lewis Porter

The guitarist Suhy was first exposed to jazz as a child through the music of Miles Davis, Coltrane and others. After attending Berklee College of Music, he moved back to Maine where he became involved in teaching and professional jazz bands. Suhy, who is now based in New Jersey and best known for his role as lead guitarist in Six Feet Under (a highly touring, influential death metal band). Porter is well-known in New York City’s jazz scene. You can hear his piano playing on a regular basis in New York City, as well as during tours throughout the USA and Europe. Porter also plays an important role in the advancement of music’s legacy and as a scholar. Porter has written many important books about the subject, including John Coltrane: A Life and Music. He also served as director and professor at Rutgers-Newark University‚Äôs Jazz History program. from https://sunnysidezone.com

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