Rebekah Victoria

California-based singer Rebekah Victoria and JazzKwest travel the arc of romance from infatuation to breakup to resolution through swinging classic jazz tunes on this long-anticipated debut CD, #OldFashionedTwitterTwit. Rebekah Victoria is a seasoned singer. She was raised in a musical family in Northern California. Rebekah Victoria studied classical voice and piano, but she found it too structured. She tried other styles of music, such as Broadway-style singing, until she realized that jazz is her home. It can be whatever you want it too, and I love to swing. It’s my passion.” Rebekah Victoria mentions Sarah Vaughan for her vast range and classical sound and her drive to learn new things. She also mentions Ella Fitzgerald “because she is the best”, and Peggy Lee, Rosemary Clooney and Tony Bennett for their phrasing and legacy. Rebekah is a natural performer who enjoys reading the audience and taking in the immediate feedback. She says, “I’m not out in the open, not in your face.” “I like to see people enjoy the music and relax–I enjoy their joy and feel my own!” However, she points out that she’s equally at home in the recording studio, where she can focus on the music, collaborate with the band, and really get into a zone on each piece, as proved by her performance on #OldFashionedTwitterTwit. After having a long career of learning standards and Great American Songbook songs, Victoria chose to record tunes that would challenge her vocal skills. She immersed herself in each song to get to know the meaning and then created her own unique style. CDBaby

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