Red Kite

Red Kite, a Norwegian jazz-rock power group, has released its highly anticipated debut. It is a sonic mix of heavy rock crunch and prog virtuosity, free-jazz experimentation and swirling psychedelia. This electrifying, exploratory supergroup includes members from some of Norway’s most well-known prog groups, such as Shining, Elephant9, Bushman’s Revenge, Grand General, and Shining. Red Kite is a group that includes guitarist Even Helte Hermansen (bassist Trond Frones), keyboardist Bernt AndrĂ© Moen, and drummer Torstein Lofthus (previously on RareNoise, part of Mumpbeak), who are four extraordinary musicians who can navigate complex prog-jazz architectures with both a risk-taking, improvisatory Jazz spirit and hard rock intensity. from

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